Making it Happen

Randei  Collins

Class of 2023 • St. Michaels, Maryland
Prior to coming to Washington College, then-high school junior Randei Collins revisited a forgotten letter to her future self. Upon opening it, she found that her past self had initially considered studying at Washington College as a possibility. Coincidentally, prior to entering senior year, she received mail from WC encouraging her to apply, and, considering it a sign, decided to further explore the campus.


As soon as she saw the tight-knit campus, the closeness of the surrounding Chestertown area, and the wide range of experiences and opportunities available to students, all against a backdrop of a small town, Randei immediately enrolled—and has not looked back since.

“I just loved the atmosphere of the college and the community because it reminded me so much of my hometown,” Randei said. “I just like that small town appeal, and everybody was just so nice and helpful, from the moment I started my tour and to this day, doing everything the College had to offer.”

While her first year on-campus has been primarily online due the COVID-19 pandemic, Randei has not let this prevent her from taking charge and taking advantage of every opportunity that came her way. She is an active member of student-led clubs and organizations such as Black Student Union and Cleopatra’s Sisters, and is getting to know more about subjects in communication and media studies (CMS) and creative writing to strengthen her own creativity and fields of interests—which include producing original art, from singing to writing to designing.

“I found the [CMS] topics interesting because not only do you learn about communication and media in general, you learn about different theories, how society works in the sense of media and its effects, and just overall how to apply them to different aspects of life…[and] whatever you’re interested in,” Randei said. “I have loved writing ever since I was a kid, and just continued doing it through high school, and that’s where I got the idea to declare a creative writing minor.”

Citing her advisor Dr. Meghan Grosse’s patience, her Introduction to Creative Writing class with Dr. Roy Kesey and his “uplifting love of writing,” and the sweetness and reliability of both Director of Intercultural Affairs Carese Bates and Counselor Dr. Randi Altman as being very supportive during an unusual first year at the College, Randei has found herself growing more comfortable and sure of herself and her artistic abilities. While she is not entirely sure where her college experiences may take her next—though she is interested in exploring a post-graduation experience in art, design, and writing—Randei credits the College as one of many influences that has allowed her to open up, to be more self-assured when it comes to her craft, and to value and make the most out of every opportunity that comes her way.

“Considering all the people I’ve met and all the opportunities I’ve had while being here, if I had to take away one thing, it’s this: if something comes your path or a certain opportunity, take it,” she said. “Don’t wait around for something to happen; you make it happen.”